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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve Eve! Christmas came & went! Alot of hype 4 jus 1 day! I heard sum1 say Christmas needs 2 be a 3 day event/holiday! I agree. Bcuz there is alot of hype leading up 2 1 day & then itz over! I usually have such profund sadness the day after Christmas bcuz of the letdown after all of the building up, but this yr was very different...bcuz i was soooooo broke this yr I didnt have any building up, so there was no letdown! I was sad leading up to & during Christmas. But yay itz over. Now time to ease jnto a new year. Ease i say! We'll see about the ease part. Idk how that story is gonna b written. We'll have 2 wait & see. Well gotta go...gotta lot of bilateral finger/hand/wrist joint pain! Ouch!

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