Many people think people with lupus are just lazy....

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well, I finished the lil one's hair, she's getting in the bed & i still need to iron her martial arts uniform 4 tomorrow. Everything else that i "should" do will get tossed to the wind. I'm gonna relax the rest of the evening. When i over do it, then i suffer the next day, i struggle to get out of bed as it is, but then it takes my body hours to feel fully functional. i'm out Peace.
Well, i had 2 take a nap after shoveling snow, but now I'm up & on 2 my next task! God blessed me & my husband to give birth to a wonderful lil girl. I'm also blessed with 5 step-children, but this littlest 1 is the 1 who actually takes up all my energy! God blessed her with a full thick head of hair! & Satan cursed her with a wicked dry scalp! So now I have to go back to washing her hair every week to try to get a handle on it, if that doesn't work it's off to the dermatologist ;-)
GOD, give me the strength I need 2 clean this snow off my car & shovel me a path! But I will premed with ibuprofen! ;-)
okay....up & at em! Naw, think I'll sleep in a lil longer. Well, maybe i won't sleep, but i'm gonna get back in this bed for a lil while longer. Not feeling very swollen 2day, thatz good. not in 2 much pain @ the moment, thatz good. So, letz see how this day goes.....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh BTW i haven't mentioned my wonderful symptoms of Raynaud's disease, which just happens to be caused by systemic lupus -which they haven't diagnosed me with!- but anyway this wonderful disease causes me great pain doing the basic things in life. like washing clothes, dishes, etc in cold water..whenever my hands/feet get cold I feel severe a simple task of washing clothes turns into a painful moment for me! Just another day in my life with lupus or whatever they want to call it!
Whew...still in sum pain, but gotta keep movin. The bambino is in bed & I need 2 start washing clothes ;-(, so hopefully I'll get that accompolished.
OKAY! Enough already......I'm gonna take sum pain medicine! Now my knees & hands are hurting! & I still gotta feed the Lil 1!
hips, shoulders, arms hurt. whew i need 2 rest!

The Faces of Lupus 2
Alright lil girl I'll take you outside!!!! Well I did get something accomplished, I cleaned the lil one's room with her help of course! Whew! who knew such a lil person could have soooo much junk! But she's been harassing me about goin outside 2 play in the snow. Of course now I need a nap...I'm extremely tired right now...but let me try 2 suck it up & deal with her........
Well, I'm new to this blogging thing. Guess I'll see how it goes. I have a chronic illness called lupus. Supposedly I'm luckier than most cuz I don't have systemic lupus (@ least it hasn't been diagnosed) but I have discoid lupus, which only effects the skin. The thing is......I have a lot of symptoms that are associated with systemic lupus! Yet, I haven't found a Dr that will give me that diagnosis, bcuz my blood tests don't prove it & thankfully my organs have not been affected. What me & sum of my Drs DO know is I have a lot of problems that are auto immune related! Which is what lupus is... an auto immune disease. So I'll just wait around for sum major breakthrough in lupus research & hope the benefits trickle down to me! I'll see where this blogging thing goes....bcuz on any given day I could do a lot of venting on here!!!!

Today I woke up with swollen fingers, that happens a lot. But, I had to get up & get my day started cuz my hubby isn't here (out doin a favor 4 a friend of his) & I have a hungry 6 yr old breathin in my face! So i gotta get up & try to b functional. Then i look outside & see all of the beautiful snow comin down! WOW, didn't expect to see this much. Now i know it's goin 2 be a long day of "mommy can we go outside & play?!" Hope i get sum energy by the time those questions come. None of my other kidz are home 4 me to push her off me on to them! LOL Oh well, I hope i get something productive done since i'm stuck in the house. very often on a day like this I'll sleep & get nothin done...we'll have to wait & see how it turns out........oh 1 good thing so far blood presure was normal 2day! YAY. it's been very high lately & i keep monitoring it bcuz i think it's 1 of my medications causing it 2 rise. But we'll see how that turns out also.