Many people think people with lupus are just lazy....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Not feelin 2 good last few dayz! I had run out of my blood pressure med about a month ago & i couldn't get it refilled because my Dr moved & was no longer my Dr. (i would never advocate sumbody not taking an important prescribed medicine!) as i waited for my appt with my newly found physician, i monitored my blood pressure 2 make sure nothing crazy was goin on. What i did notice was my Raynaud's symptoms were worsening! I hadn't realized how much they had improved since i started the blood pressure medicine! So i finally saw my new dr this past Tues & re-started my blood pressure med....but i have had a severe migraine & i'm still not feelin quite rite yet....body adjustment phase after starting blood pressure med? Idk, but i'll keep an eye on my world flip flops & thrashes back & forth in pain!

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