Many people think people with lupus are just lazy....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This was a very long week!! It never seems like there's enough hours in the day to get everything done & 4 me 2get sum rest. So one or the other usually gets left out! LOL. Well, so far so good with all of my Dr heart appears good 2 go per teh cardiologist!! Yay! Praise the Lord! The lung function test I had showed sort of a pre-asthma status. Basically I need 2 use inhalers, but I hate the jittery side effects. I still haven't had the follow up test with the neurologist ordered. But, rite now I can't help but be thankful for the health that I have. I have a lot of little things that bother me, but compared to what could be happening to me.......There is nothing else I can say except thank You Jesus for your grace & mercy! Well, Gn hopefully my body will catch up on sum much needed rest, bcuz my body is tired & stiff.......catch u next time as my world turns and does somersaults! LOL

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