Many people think people with lupus are just lazy....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey everybody, i started this day with a positive attitude, determined 2 have a good day. Not pain or problem free but positive. Satan thru a rack of hurdles in my way but i cleared them all (i think), despite slightly painful legs! ;-) i woke up with minimal sysmptoms (i took ibuprofen b 4 goin 2 bed). No pain worth speakin of, only fatigue. So the day started well. It has ended pretty well 2 even though i had 2 take ibuprofen).
By the end of 2 day my fingers were stiff & numb. The normal coolness in a office doesnt bother most people, but it causes my raynaud's phenomenom, therefore i have pain. Of course sumone suggested i wear gloves in situations like that! Yea right! I dont see me doin that @ work! It's bad enough that i have 2 wear gloves 2 get thru my grocery shopping bcuz of the freezer/fridge section!!!! I'm a lil 2 vain 2 have 2 go thru crap!!! It allllllll sucks!!! Every last symptom or problem sucks!!!!!
There was a time where i had chronic skin rashes/itching!!! Nothing the dermatologist did helped. It got 2 the point that i would have a flare every month so bad they had 2 put me on prednisone! ( a horrible drug) ginally my allergist came up with a solution......suppress my immune system so it will stop attacking me!! Wth?!?! I dont want 2 take that crap! But after 1 more flare up i warmed up 2 the idea! So approx 6 mos after starting the treatment....i hardley eve itch! Sumtimes i like my Drs. I still hate all this crap!!!!!

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