Many people think people with lupus are just lazy....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well, I'm new to this blogging thing. Guess I'll see how it goes. I have a chronic illness called lupus. Supposedly I'm luckier than most cuz I don't have systemic lupus (@ least it hasn't been diagnosed) but I have discoid lupus, which only effects the skin. The thing is......I have a lot of symptoms that are associated with systemic lupus! Yet, I haven't found a Dr that will give me that diagnosis, bcuz my blood tests don't prove it & thankfully my organs have not been affected. What me & sum of my Drs DO know is I have a lot of problems that are auto immune related! Which is what lupus is... an auto immune disease. So I'll just wait around for sum major breakthrough in lupus research & hope the benefits trickle down to me! I'll see where this blogging thing goes....bcuz on any given day I could do a lot of venting on here!!!!

Today I woke up with swollen fingers, that happens a lot. But, I had to get up & get my day started cuz my hubby isn't here (out doin a favor 4 a friend of his) & I have a hungry 6 yr old breathin in my face! So i gotta get up & try to b functional. Then i look outside & see all of the beautiful snow comin down! WOW, didn't expect to see this much. Now i know it's goin 2 be a long day of "mommy can we go outside & play?!" Hope i get sum energy by the time those questions come. None of my other kidz are home 4 me to push her off me on to them! LOL Oh well, I hope i get something productive done since i'm stuck in the house. very often on a day like this I'll sleep & get nothin done...we'll have to wait & see how it turns out........oh 1 good thing so far blood presure was normal 2day! YAY. it's been very high lately & i keep monitoring it bcuz i think it's 1 of my medications causing it 2 rise. But we'll see how that turns out also.

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